Glen Thurston - Professional Athlete

So much background to talk about, so many waves ridden, some conquered some still to conquer. Yet here we are, a new leaf so to speak, a new page turned in the book of my life. You can read most of the story at my personal website, im here to share with you the next chapter, my future, my passions, dreams and hopes for making a difference in the world as a professional bodyboarding athlete.

As you read this you are witnessing a huge break through season in my life, the fight to establish a counter culture company has been survived to some degree, you could say I put my life into establishing the foundation for ID boards as a rider laying the bricks of the new surf house, gearing up for the winter swells. As I wipe the sweat of my brow, thank the many who helped, slaved and made it possible the reward is and always will be the trench digging with family and friends, content in the muddy, messy happy working life.

My new role as a sponsored rider of ID boards will be exciting, having the opportunity to now develop ranges and products with some incredible athletes , and start testing everything we thought we knew, in order to create something that lifts the level and opens up new possibility’s.

For me personally, I feel its time to pursue some new levels in personal fitness, nutrition and even tame some unknown giant waves both nationally and internationally. Wherever this may take me, wherever I may live, ride, eat and breathe, i’m confident that this direction I am on can only be positive for our sport and the people I do life with.

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Glen rides the All-Round Template.
ID Team Rider Yoan Florantin