Yoan Florantin - Professional Athlete

It is an honor to share my story. I grew up on Reunion island, in the Indian Ocean. Here I discovered my passion for bodyboarding and I cant live without it. In addition to free surfing, competition is a huge part of my daily life and since I was young, has been a great source of motivation to push my surfing to a higher level. I’ve learned to thrive on the confrontation this brings with other bodyboarders.

I have been the Champion of France in 2011 and 2012, 5th place in the GSS pro 2011, ranking 4th in the GQS last year. I finally managed to make the top 24 alongside some of the best riders in the world. I know that this road is long and I'll endeavor to manage my life the best I can in order to go as far as possible.

I want to be apart of increasing the level of European bodyboarding.

I am very excited to ride for ID. Boards, I think this is the beginning of a great adventure and it's a chance for me as a European to work with such a professional Australian brand.

I'm leaving soon for a road trip here in Australia with Glen and Magnolia and I'll have the opportunity to face the amazing waves that I see from very young in the movies! It's really very energetic and I am looking forward to being involved. I know it'll be a unique experience that will bring me enormously good things for the future...

I am very happy to represent ID. Boards, this is a brand that pushes our sport to the next level of bodyboarding, with a real family spirit within the team. I met glen, and has welcomed me with open arms to him. I know we will do great things together in the future and I feel really supported and encouraged to chase my dreams!

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