Scotty Thomson - ID. Potentials

One of the most powerful small people you will ever meet, walks faster then a 6ft man, surfs smoother then butter. He’s young but carry's a wisdom beyond his years. Now school is out of the window, he’s found strategically planning to hunt down water giants.

Age.. 18
Break.. Treenos
Lives.. Ulladulla
Weight.. 55kg
Height: 5’3”
Board.. Custom ID.
Sponsors.. ID. Boards, Boardlounge
Set-up.. ID. Bodyboard, Agent Eighteen Wetsuit, Churchill Fins
How long Bodyboarding.. 6 years
Favourite bodyboarder.. Mitch Rawlins, Brenden Newton, Glen
Favourite Wave.. Blacks
Favourite Food.. Sea Food Pack. Mmmm.
When i’m not surfing.. Working hard at a cafe or i’m at school.

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