Jacob Hein- ID. Potentials

Forged from the hit series Captain America, this man giant is no ordinary bloke. His technical ability is above reproach and only matched by his hunger for the ocean. Can destroy a board in one surf.

Age.. 19
Height.. 183cm
Weight.. 83kg
Break.. Dbah/needles
Lives.. Burliegh waters
Board.. ID. All round 42.5 inch, single stringer,
freedomsix with contour
Sponsors.. ID. Boards, ZION, IAMNONE
Set up.. ID Board, Zion wetsuit, Churchills
How long bodyboarding.. 7 years
Favourite inspiration.. In bodyboarding it would be Hardy then Rawlins & Thom Rob
Favourite wave.. black rock or goldy reefs when their good
Favourite food.. Chicken parmy
When im not booging.. Either with my chick, mates or the gym.

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