Daniel Thompson - ID. Potentials

Young man with extraordinary features, able to whip lash an air reverse out of the bowl, and born to travel the oceanic world we know. He's a sportsmen and knows how to kick goals when he needs to.

Age.. 18
Height.. 184cm
Weight.. 65kg
Break.. Mystics
Lives.. Dapto.
Board.. ID. Aerial Athlete.
Sponsors.. ID. Boards, Enough Threads.
Set up.. Agent EIghteen Wetsuit, ID. Aerial Athlete - gold deck, yellow slick, pair of winny stealths and a gyroll.
How long bodyboarding.. Since i was 13 so about 5 years.
Favourite inspiration.. Ryan Hardy, Rawlins or Rigby.
Favourite wave.. Definitely Blackrock, or Mystics on it’s day haha
Favourite food.. Seafood or pasta.
When im not booging.. I am either travelling for waves, working or at school.

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