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All Round

For the Everyday Athlete.

"I have always envisioned a craft to encompass 5 key elements for performance. These are functionality, response, feel, style and adaptability to your body. All of these attributes combine to increase my confidence in the board, allowing me to focus on the waves at hand. The all round template has been designed with these 5 elements in mind, so it can be easily controlled in and around the pocket with exceptional speed through flat, hollow pits." - Glen Thurston.

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ID. Boards All Round


Built to fly.

This board is the ideal craft for critical, tight moves in the pocket and great for projecting huge airs. If your passion is perfecting huge aerial maneuvers and tight rail to rail riding, then you can be confident that the ID. Aerial template will take you to where you need to go.

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ID. Aerial Bodyboard Template - Metal Silver

Big Wave

Prepare for Battle.

"The Big Wave template is a variation of my all round shape, with the addition of our ID. Battle contour, increasing your ability to hold, and position your hands for the scoop. The core and stringer components create just the right flex and response to enhance my ability to ride some of the most powerful waves ever paddled into. It’s suited to cooler water temperatures and tuned in for heavy waves. If your hunting cold water slabs, this is the board you should have in your quiver." - Glen Thurston

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ID. Big Wave Bodyboard Template

Page II

Train Yourself.

We have combined all the strengths of our Aerial template, with the function of our ID. Battle Contour. Creating a high performance board for the younger generation. Simple, strong and loaded with magic memory, the Freedomsix, single stringer PAGE II has dwarfed its previous version.

All at an affordable price point, purely to equip the upcoming champions of our sport.

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ID. Page Training Model

Prime Contour

Transform your Riding.

Our unique ID. Prime Contour has been designed off an athlete’s body impression, created to assist your body’s adaption to the board and could be the most functional design integrated into a bodyboard to date.

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ID. Prime Contour
ID. All Round Template
ID. Aerial Template
ID. Big Wave Template