Prime Contour

Transform Your Riding.

ID Board’s unique contour design was created to mould with the human body. Based off the impressions of several elite bodyboarders core shapes, to derive the simplest yet most effective contour design implemented into a bodyboard to date. 100% functional, practical and genius we believe this contour will assist the adaptation and personalisation of each person’s individual body shape and riding style.

PSI Stringer System

(Precision Stringer Inlay)

The Precision Stringer Inlay system is the most advanced method of insertion on the market in 2011/12 season products. This revolution creates the precise placement method to support the structure of the core with unmatched accuracy. PSI reduces the impact with the support of multiple stringer compositions with the PARADOX CELL. Also supported by technically adapted horizontal placement for controlled flexibility. High grade fibreglass stringers are used across the range of cores for PC, F6 and PE CORES.

NXL Deck Skin

Feel the way you ride.

NXL skins mould and adapt to the riders body position and style of surfing. The lightweight NXL skin finishes with a smooth, flawless seem for added performance without the hassle of rashes when you’re surfing without a wetsuit. The soft positive feel of NXL is the benchmark for performance based skins with added sustainable recoil.

Nose Bulbs

A feature we hold on to.

It’s the little things that make all the difference, and Nose bulbs, although small and often overlooked play an important role in this hands on sport. Comfort, control and confidence are the primary objectives for ID. Boards Nose Bulbs. Its something we hold on to.

Surlyn Slick & Channels

The fundamentals

Surlyn bottom skins are without a doubt the market leader in all high performance bottom skin materials. The properties allow for superior flex without substituting the recoil or memory of the board. The premium quality is utilized across the entire ID BOARDS range. This feature on all models separates ID BOARDS products from any competitors.


Freedom Six Core

For Warm Waters.

Our F6 core is a Beaded Polypropylene composite core. Increased internal strength combines with high response magic memory. ID’s F6 core allows you to draw the sharpest, cleanest lines with maximum projection off the lip for high intensity surfing.
Ideal for warmer climates and aerial/technical focused riders.

Paradox Cell

For Cooler Waters.

PC composition is the next generation of controlled flex with light weight beaded cell technology. Paradox creates an even flow of energy transfer throughout the core in critical situations to maximise your control with excellent recoil for rail to rail surfing in all climates.

Battle Contour

Confidence when it counts.

We wanted something that looks simple, but is loaded with functionality, so with ID. Boards Battle contour we simplified the Prime design and maintained the comfort and positioning qualities. Now we have an affordable, stylish and functional design that assists in the hand placement, and overall grip of your bodyboard.

It truly is as simple as it gets.

50/50 Rails

You won't let go of it.

After years of product testing, we have captured the balance between function and comfort with ID. Boards 50/50 rails. We observed that 90% of riders perform regardless of their rail ratio.

So we chose the one that feels the best, and works better than you think.