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ID. Boards is owned & operated by professional athletes who are working alongside the highest quality filmmakers in Australia. We at ID. desire to run in a manner that emphasises professionalism.

Formed as a foundational platform to build the youth of tomorrow, ID. Boards will reflect transparency in the market place, build sustainable growth in our sport and break open new ground to build the next generation.

ID. Boards combine technology, design & inspiration to create a premium standard for the water sport industry. By working closely with our growing team of professionals, we aim to provide ongoing, above reproach innovations in the market place. With a strong presence felt in the water, we will focus our attention on leading, training & releasing the next generation of future world champions. “Training many to find the few”.

By creating and watering an atmosphere of encouragement, discipline, team spirit and focus we will endeavour to mentor, motivate, lead and train many board riders across the globe to be their personal best. Through training a select handful of young potentials under each professional rider, we envisage building and releasing the future champions of our sport.

Part of the vision for training our athletes, is to see established a key missing element called “balance”. Balance for each professional rider will be expressed in their own way, allowing the rider’s to display their version of balance to the upcoming generation, hopefully instilling some foundational skills.

The crafts themselves will be developed in sync with the latest technology, we will be investing time and capital to make sure the very craft you ride helps to exemplify your performance.

The company will be heavily involved in high impacting quality digital cinema to best capsulate the brand’s message and best transpire the ID. Boards tune with the rhythm of the ocean. To remain humble and appreciative is core to the ID. team so we will regularly be working together on group projects worldwide. Whilst we travel, distribute and instil a fresh chapter in bodyboarding, there will be a strong underlying message of integrity, truth and power.

This wave of encouragement and positivity welcome’s all associated to join the ride. As you connect with something clean and true, it will show in your riding, your walk and your persona. Through the ocean and discipline in your role you may find ID. is the vehicle with the right fuse for you.

It’s just how it should be, or could be and although the future is always unknown you can rest in knowing ID. Boards will continue to be a diverse company with the courage of a lion, fighting for peace if possible but truth at any rate.

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