* A warm water core that performs at optimal water temperatures between 19-27 degrees Celsius.


BPP or beaded polypropylene cores have become the industries standard for high performance riding due to the chemical balance that produces the relative memory of compression and ability to withstand repetitive impacts.
ID’s manufacturing plant has been experimenting with multiple compositions of BPP cores through an extensive Research & Development program spanning a duration over 10 years to produce the most advanced BPP core on the market.

Creating a product more resilient to fractures of cells has been BPP’s successor in our newly developed FREEDOMSIX core. Whilst containing many of the original attributes of the BPP core with refinements, the FREEDOMSIX has revolutionised the integrity of cell manipulation through increased density in the nucleus of each cell molecule.
Developed for those intense, critical situations that require the drive necessary for a core which has the fundamental structure based around increasing directional movements in flexibility in the cores casing.

The basis of our latest innovation in core technology is consistent with the principles in the 6 degrees of freedom. Allowing independent movements under strain as pressure is applied, generating flex through the internal fibre wall that connects and holds the stored energy to displace through the entire core when impact pressure activates the refraction of pressure in the cells.

FREEDOMSIX creates effortless flexibility through rail to rail surfing at high speed, giving the surfer greater confidence that the craft under them will allow for freedom to turn and hold tighter lines for longer, more powerful carving maneuvers.

ID Boards lightweight core revolution also allows the surfer to hit sections harder and faster, maximising body positioning and extension of the surfer for more fluent aerial maneuvers.
SIXdegreesofFREEDOM has been the inspiration behind creating a product with controlled, precise flex properties; Ticking all the right boxes for a surfer looking to ride powerfully in warm water locations.

Freedom Six Bodyboarding Core



Perfecting PARADOXCELL has allowed for fresh, innovative designs that increase effective control for the rider to adjust body positioning in an extremely smooth transition in critical situations.


The beginning of the new decade in 2010 saw the introduction of a new concept to create a core specifically designed for high performance bodyboarding. 2011 sees the implementation of many new design features with internal cell memory compounded to generate the most evenly distributed flex properties created by the cell structure. “Giving flex unrivalled in competitors products”.
The success of manufacturing innovations will compliment a range developed for ID boards to refine performance-based boards into an era of quality produced in quantity. Welcome to PARADOXCELL.

PARADOX is a beaded cell core structure designed to allow for an even flow of energy created by the reduced density of each cell molecule. The highly advanced technology of the PARADOXCELL structure also provides a greater memory percentage to that of other comparable cores on the market. PARADOXCELL is produced through expanded foam, fused together through a combination of high temperatures and pressure to create the required density during fusion forming to maximize the performance of the foam under immense pressure, while creating the perfect amount of recoil required to retain and control the speed generated by the cores inter-connected cell structure.

What makes PARADOXCELL the innovation of performance based boards for bodyboarding’s future champions lies within the applied science of cell density manipulation, changing the effects of temperature affected foams to maintain a more consistent flex in variable ocean conditions.
With our technology we are able to create intricate stringer combinations by using our advanced stringer placement system to allow our PARADOXCELL to perform at any location on the planet without compromising the core itself. Through expanded blow molding with PARADOXCELL, we can then set the stringer system to suit the boards style and template. Using our unique suspension stringer inlay we can maintain precision stringer placement in every single board.

ID. Paradox Bodyboard Core


Bringing the Future to You.


A uniquely revolutionary design in bodyboarding production that is set to change the evolution of manufacturing high performance bodyboards through market leading Research & Development.

Stringer systems are the key to overall performance levels of bodyboarding progression by improved durability & longevity of structural properties.
A stringer system is the life support of a bodyboard, it allows for increased strength without isolating the entire core, giving it the required amount of flex to increase speed & recoil with ultimate control & rigidity.


PSI is the next generation of insertion techniques created at the beginning stages of the cores construction. Suspended in precise alignment within each core as fusion takes place, reducing systematic error giving suspension insertion an edge over other manufacturing techniques. PSI has allowed for accurate core mapping for our technical team to calibrate stringer combinations to suit water surface conditions for maximum levels of performance surfing.

What we are able to create using this new technology will undoubtedly see the next boom of material combinations within the cores to even further enhance the surfers to discover, and perform new aerial maneuvers. As impacts from the projection created from the PSI system also serves as a compression cushion to ride out of heavy landings in a much smoother action, making transitions from maneuver combinations fluent & seamless.

ID’s team of professional athletes have spent countless hours testing & refining our 2011 ranges of PSI’s to bring you the most comprehensive products available world wide.

Enjoy the effortless, sleek designs that encase this truly remarkable stringer system in your choice of PARADOXCELL & FREEDOMSIX core options from ID boards.

PSI- Precision Stringer Inlay System for Bodyboards

Paradox core

ID. All Round Template
ID. Aerial Template
ID. Big Wave Template